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[BMB] Mobile base for barrel

Mobile base for barrel
Product code Description
BMB001 1 barrel
BMB002 2 barrels

[DWB] Workbench on wheels for barrels

Workbench on wheels for barrels
Product code Description
DWB002 2 barrels
DWB003 3 barrels
DWB004 4 barrels

[ENT] Funnel

Product code Description
ENT20 20in x 20in x 12in

A spillbox like our funnel can also be welded on a rectangular tank or a bench tank.

[STP] Steps

Code de produit Description
STP002 2 steps

[SUP] Tank stackers

Tank stackers
Product code Description
SUP1 1 tank
SUP2 2 tanks
SUP4 4 tanks

Metal workbench

Custom made